Alan Taylor not taking responsibility for Thor’s mid-credits scene

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After five years we have come to expect certain things from Marvel’s cinematic universe and it is nothing new that the studio puts a scene from a different movie at the end of another one as a sort of teaser. Thor: The Dark World was no exception featuring a scene that was impossible to understand for anyone who is not versed in the mythology of Guardians of the Galaxy and other Marvel storylines. The creative merits of such a confusing scene are still up for debate but this time criticism comes from the director of Thor: The Dark World himself.

Alan Taylor had this thing to say:

“I wouldn’t blame it on James Gunn…Er, I wouldn’t attribute it to James Gunn. Tt’s [sic] clearly his sets and his characters.” (To note, Kevin Feige would later confirm that Gunn did indeed direct the mid-credits scene about four weeks ago in London.)

Asked straight up if he was unhappy that another director’s scene was tacked on to his movie, Taylor reiterated, “I am very happy not to take responsibility for that.”

Source: Bleedingcool via Screencrush

I must say my appreciation for Alan Taylor grows more and more. It’s nice to see directors stand up for their own integrity even if it might become a problem for Taylor when it comes to Marvel related things.

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