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4. August 2016 / / Reviews

Nur eine kleine Kontroverse unter Filmfans oder doch eine globale Aufdeckung von tiefsitzendem Frauenhass? Um das neue Ghostbusters Remake gibt es viel Aufsehen, doch zum Glück leidet der Film darunter nicht im geringsten.

29. April 2011 / / Reviews

How do you sell a movie about Gods?

That was the tricky question Marvel had to answer when kicking off the summer season with Thor – a movie where the trailers have not managed to get me excited to watch this movie and seeing that posters looked a bit too campy as well my expectations for Thor were pretty low.

Maybe because of that I must say that Thor is a thoroughly entertaining summer blockbuster. It starts of with the typical “random thing happening” at the beginning before we jump into a long flashback to see where this man who has appeared out of nowhere infront of Natalie Portman has come from.