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27. August 2017 / / Game of Thrones
20. August 2017 / / Game of Thrones
24. Juni 2016 / / Film Food

Am Montag geht Game of Thrones ins heiß (kalt?) ersehnte Finale der sechsten Staffel. Da muss natürlich für den großen Filmabend ein zum Thema passendes Dessert her!

26. Februar 2014 / / General

Battle for the Thrones Banner

HBO has released 18 character posters for the upcoming fourth Season featuring the saying Valar Morghulis – All men must die – which started to feature in the final episode of the second season. Naturally I want to give a spoiler warning to people who have not caught up yet since the images naturally give away who is still alive in the fourth Season (and with Game of Thrones you are pretty lucky if you are still around in Season 4 and also who will be less prominent in Season 4):