Schlagwort: Suzanne Collins

20. November 2015 / / Reviews

Im vierten uns letzten Teil der Hunger Games Reihe eskaliert die Revolution um Katniss Everdeen (Jennifer Lawrence) zu einem allumfassenden Krieg, der herbe Opfer fordert. Mit Mockingjay Part 2 liefert Regisseur Francis Lawrence nicht nur ein emotionsgeladenes Finale, sondern auch den besten Eintrag in der dystopischen Filmreihe.

19. November 2014 / / Reviews

   Mit Mockingjay Teil 1 kommt die erste Hälfte des finalen Buchs ins Kino und die Frage ist: kann die erste Hälfte des letzten Buchs das Tempo und die Qualität halten, welche der vorangegangene Film Catching Fire vorgelegt hat?

17. November 2014 / / Analysen

Mockingjay banner

The third (and not final) installment of the Hunger games book-trilogy will arrive in cinemas this week!

And the stakes couldn’t be higher. After the events in Catching Fire a full scale rebellion has broken out, which is turning Katniss Everdeen (Jennifer Lawrence) into the symbol of said revolution – the titular Mockingjay.

While The Hunger Games left me quite unimpressed Catching Fire turned me into a total fan of this Young Adult series. Yet despite my optimism for the future installment(s) I kept hearing what seemed to be the general consensus:

That Mockingjay was by far the worst of the three Hunger Games books and that it was a complete letdown for fans of the series.

So there I was: excited for a new movie which was already touted as a big letdown by the readers. Did this mean that Hunger Games was already past his prime right when I started to get into the fun? Ready for the inevitable disappointment I got my hands on a copy of the final book Mockingjay so that I could judge for myself if I should stop being excited for the series.

Having finished the book within a few days I was confident in two things:

  1. That splitting Mockingjay into two parts can be done without it feeling unnecessary (although it could easily be done in one movie).
  2. That Mockingjay was infact my favorite of the three stories.

So I thought it was about time to make a stand for a book which in my eyes has a quite undeserved reputation. A book which in my mind completely transcends the first two installments and transforms a quite good series into a very mature anti-war drama which avoids a surprising amount of clichés.