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Flip the Truck Podcast 141 | Once Upon a Time at Flip the Truck

Podcast #141 – Once Upon a Time at Flip the Truck

Der Sommer hat den Zenit erreicht und unsere vier PodcasterInnen versammeln sich wieder nach dem Motto:
Vier PodcasterInnen, vier Filme.
Mit Toy Story 4 versucht Disney Pixar eine Top Trilogie fortzusetzen. Mid 90s ist nun auf Amazon Prime und da wir den Kinorelease verschwitzt haben, widmen wir Jonah Hills Regiedebüt nun die gebührende Aufmerksamkeit. Der König der Löwen hat schon so schwache Kritiken, dass er fast bei der Unpopular Positive Movie Opinion mitmachen könnte. Und zum Abschluss gibt es mit Once Upon A Time in Hollywood einen Tarantino, der wie erwarten polarisiert.

Oscar Predictions!

Tonight is the Superbowl of movies and the annual “predict the winner not the best movie” is just fun, so here are my predictions, let’s hear yours. Be aware that I really suck at those predictions and the only time I got most of my votes right was when Slumdog was nominated in most categories.…

Golden Globes reward f**king amateurs!

[youtube=] Finally Christian Bale gets the recognition he deserves for his performance in “The Fighter”. He won the Golden Globe for best supporting actor and with many other wins already (i.e. LA film critics) it looks like nothing can stop him from winning the big golden statue come oscar night. The Social Network continued its…

Toy Story 3

If Inception was the brain that got attacked, then today it’s the heart One thing a movie fan knows: Trilogies are hard. It is a tough enough call to even make an adequate sequel, but when facing the task of making a third movie there are way too many ways this can turn out: It…