The title of generic: another legend of something

Is it bad when you can tell exactly how a movie is going to end when you look at the first picture of two brothers ?

Well at least there’s something wrong with that, it mustn’t necessarily be a total disaster, just look at Karate Kid 2010, generic, predictable yet funny.

So we are watching a movie by Zack Snyder.
Know this director? Yeah, that slow motion guy.
The director of Dawn of the Dead (remake), 300 and Watchmen – notice what they got in common? They are no children’s movies.

But hey, a director should do something new!
I mean we all need a break between making a rated-R blue penis comedy and directing the reboot of the biggest Superhero (Godzilla not counting as a superhero), so why not retell Star Wars?

Wait there was one movie who tried to do this, it was with John Malkovich, so it’s probably good…

How about trying to conceal the rip-off by making it about Owls?

Yeah that could work, it’s not really important that they are in fact Owls, none of their actions is different than the action in a generic fantasy-movie.

So we have a gimmick to sell it?

No two gimmicks: it’s 3D!

There is not much more to say about this movie, you saw it, you saw Star Wars: A New Hope and Empire Strikes back, just replace “Use the force” with “Trust your gizzard” and voila!

The movie is based on a series of books that might or might not feature some interesting tones, but if there was a deeper meaning to this story it didn’t survive the transition to the movie.

You have everything that is preachy even when you judge it as a children’s movie – which is kind of insulting to children since with Ponyo, How to train your dragon and Toy Story 3 we got tremendous movies for children

There is the obvious “You’re a dreamer” that will be forced upon us in the ending.

There is a hilarious attempt to be serious and teach children that war is nothing to be proud of… except of course if the main character does it.

There are characters randomly meeting each other that makes Star Trek 11’s plot look like it’s actually possible to meet the future self of your ship’s commander on a deserted Iceplanet.

There are characters so shallow that they need to constantly do funny stuff to distinguish each other.

And of course there’s the Nazi-villain with no other motivation except being evil.

It is actually very sad since a lot of attention went into tiny details, the animation is gorgeous, lovingly crafted, very impressive… but with a story so uninspired this feels like Final Fantasy: beautiful to look at, but to tedious to watch the whole thing.

Rating and Moviequation:

Category: 1
Score: 42%

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Der Host des Flipthetruck Podcasts. Mit einem Fokus auf Science Fiction und Roboter sucht er ständig jene Mainstream Filme, die sich nicht als reine Unterhaltungsfilme zufrieden geben.

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