Beware of The Dark Knight Rises info that might actually be true

In the last few weeks it has gotten ridiculous how much speculation surrounding The Dark Knight Rises can be caused by “inside infos”. Now another leak might have happened and according to batman-on-film, one of the sites covering comic book movies on a semi-serious basis with access to real sources.

Bill Raimi from batman-on-film confirms that he has known about this plotpoint for a while now and therefore he knows that this time the leak is for real.

Here is the plotsynopsis found on (remember they are the attention-seekers who reported with full confidence the Roman Sionis rumor last time, but since BOF confirmed it it is at least semi-plausible):

As she herself confirmed, Anne Hathaway will be Catwoman in the movie. I can’t tell you what role she has in the beginning, but by the end of the story Catwoman isn’t a villain but rather an ally of Batman. And who are they teaming up to take out?

The League of Shadows.

Headed by Talia Al’Ghul. With Bane, who is her muscle/possible love interest. And with Joseph Gordon-Levitt in tow. Is he playing Black Mask? My source didn’t know, but did know that Levitt is certainly an antagonist and involved with the League of Shadows.”

Now before we get all angry that Nolan messed up Catwoman and that Catwoman shouldn’t help Batman etc. I guess this (IF true) is really just the basic outline. If you know Nolan you know that there are gonna be a lot of twists and turns to be exciting, because you can even say “In Dark Knight the Joker turns Two-Face mad” and it is not nearly half as awesome as the result we got.

Those “spoilers” seem right now like the guesswork that has been done by most people. Thalia would be the tie to Batman Begins, she would know about Bruce Wayne, I just hope that Bane doesn’t suffer from this and gets degraded once again to a henchman.

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