Disney redefines overkill – a new Star Wars movie every year

So Kathleen Kennedy was not joking when she said that they would be planning more than the one Star Wars movie every 3 years. Apparently after Star Wars VII will hit the screen in 2015 there will be a new Star Wars movie every year. These movies will vary between movies like Episode VIII and IX and standalone movies (about which we already heard countless rumors). It is not hard to see an Avengers-like approach to it but I still doubt that Star Wars would need solo-movies to hype up the “team up episodes”… to phrase my feelings in a very Star Wars-y fashion

I have a bad feeling about this…

Right now I just can’t see what the solo-movies would add or in what way they would differ other than a bit of a smaller scale. I can see that Disney is trying to imitate the Avengers’s concept but the difference to me is that all the heroes in Avengers have had their own “universe” before Marvel thought of a teamup. There had been endless Hulk and Iron Man comics before someone got the idea to string those two stories together.

With Star Wars we have one story and not countless of comics to filter out a 2 hour spinoff movie for an individual new character. Within a year a completely new story would have to be written and well executed without the benefit of having years of great creative writers coming up with Iron Man stories.

Additionally if you look at Marvel’s “Phase One” of Avengers you had:

Arms dealers and robots
Nordic Gods
World War II Supersoldiers
Angry Supermonsters

And ahead of us lies

Superrobot smackdown
Nordic Gods meet Elves and other realms of reality
Espionage thriller
Space Cops fighting across the galaxy

So one can see that all those individual stories are set in a completely different genre – one might even say that the team-up movies are the odd movies as they have to act as if those completely different genres are actually happening in the same “world”.

Star Wars would now take the top-down approach by spinning all the stories from the same fabric and this is where I highly doubt that a spinoff is more than a Star Wars movie with 50% less lightsabers than Episodes VII, VIII and IX.

Wolfgang Verfasst von:

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