Some Hobbit Spoilers Surface

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The german magazine Cinema magazine released many insider information about the Hobbit!


Here is some of the key information from the article:

  • The dwarf Kili and the elvish warrioress Tauriel fight together against the spiders and save each other’s life. Because of that Kili will fall in love with her.
  • Beorn is described as reclusive and grumpy. Will it be similar to The Two Towers where the Ents refuse to intervene at that moment yet eventually change their opinion?
  • The white council takes arms against the necromancer (also known to be Sauron).
  • Thranduil is referred to as the best swordsman of Middle-earth.
  • A photo shows Gandalf’s encounter with Thorin in Bree, perhaps a flashback set before An Unexpected Journey?
  • The arrows of Bard will be decisive for the fate of Middle-earth in the battle for Lake-town, as well as in the Battle of the Five Armies. His character is called one of the main characters in part 3.
  • The dragon Smaug dies in the third film and the city of Dale gets to feel the wrath of the dragon? Will this attack be the beginning of the Hobbit: There and back again?
  • Bard will rule the city of dale at the end of Part 3.

In a few weeks we will be certain about it!!!!!
Tickets for Hobbit double features (on December 11th in Austria) have already gone on sale!

For more information head over to ardapedia

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