HBO continues to remind us that all men must die with a new Poster for GOT Season 4

battle for the throne banner 2014

Did you come across the phrase Valar Morghulis?

Chances are that you might be hearing it a bit more often. Game of Thrones starts to embrace the magic aspect not only within its storylines but also when it comes to marketing strategies. HBO has now released the official poster for Season 4 and it keeps the white tone of Season 3 (contrary to the black themed first two posters) but more importantly it features a creature that might start to talk this Season:


I must say I prefer this poster much more over last year’s dragon shadow which was a bit too simple.

Posters for the first three seasons... remember when Ned Stark was alive?
Posters for the first three seasons… remember when Ned Stark was alive?

Here the three-eyed-raven is like a promise of things to come. The “All men must die” line underlines the thing people like to say about the series – namely that anyone can be killed. But it also ties back specifically to Arya Stark’s storyline about revenge which is also prominently featured in the trailers. Arya learned the phrase Valar Morghulis – All Men must die in the second season and after the disastrous outcome of a certain wedding last year she repeated those lines in a very chilling/disturbing way.

Last but not least I love the swords reminding us of the Iron Throne. While the book series is called A Song of Ice and Fire and only the first book is called A Game of Thrones the Iron Throne is responsible for the shows title. So mixing the throne-imagery with the mysterious raven and reminding us of the show’s motto is something quite cool for one single poster to do.

Wolfgang Verfasst von:

Der Host des Flipthetruck Podcasts. Mit einem Fokus auf Science Fiction und Roboter sucht er ständig jene Mainstream Filme, die sich nicht als reine Unterhaltungsfilme zufrieden geben.

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  1. 27. Februar 2014

    Totally agree that this poster brings it up many, many notches, from the vagueness of last year’s poster…

    A nice mix of the 3 Eyed Raven and the Iron Throne, and with the dramatic falling swords. As if it’s A Storm of Swords!

    • 28. Februar 2014

      Reading it like this I can’t help but picture a funny “Dance with Dragons” one down the line…

      although feast for crows has a cool enough title for a moody Season Poster next year

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