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31. August 2017 / / Game of Thrones
13. Juli 2017 / / Fantastische Podcasts

DominikWolfgang lassen die 5. Staffel Game of Thrones Revue passieren. Wir präsentieren die Staffel in sieben Segmenten nach dem Motto Seven Stories for Seven Kingdoms. Danach geht das Sp
ekulieren los, wa
s nun das Endgame dieser Serie sein kann und ob wir auf eine unvermeidbare Enttäuschung hinsteuern.

Game of Thrones geht in die fünfte Staffel und um den Hype noch etwas anzufachen bringt Telltale Games (The Walking Dead, The Wolf Among Us) ein 6-teiliges Computerspiel heraus. Da der Spielverlauf von den Entscheidungen des Spielers beeinflusst wird, haben sich Wolfgang und Dominik Unterstützung von Joey und Jeremy von Nerdy By Nerds geholt.

Wir gehen zu viert die Entscheidungen und Storylines des Spiels durch und diskutieren über die möglichen Wege, die das Spiel nehmen kann und wie sehr es die Atmosphäre der Serie/Bücher einfängt.

27. Februar 2014 / / Special Coverage

battle for the throne banner 2014

Did you come across the phrase Valar Morghulis?

Chances are that you might be hearing it a bit more often. Game of Thrones starts to embrace the magic aspect not only within its storylines but also when it comes to marketing strategies. HBO has now released the official poster for Season 4 and it keeps the white tone of Season 3 (contrary to the black themed first two posters) but more importantly it features a creature that might start to talk this Season:

25. November 2013 / / Special Coverage
14. Mai 2011 / / Special Coverage

UPDATE: According to The Hollywood Reporter there will be budget constraints and script rewrites… I hope the speculation at the bottom of the article is just guessing by THR.

Good news Everyone!
Well kinda…

After the project The Dark Tower ran into some problems because of budget reasons people started seeing the Tower crumble. Would it mean that this project was just too big and expensive for Universal to handle?

Well according to Deadline this is not the case!
Dark Tower will continue to be made, but the production that was supposed to start this summer will be delayed to February 2012 which will also mean that The Dark Tower probably won’t hit the screen in 2013 as planned, but to be honest I can live with that as long as it gets going.