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3. Februar 2013 / / General

2011’s Fast Five was one of the action flicks I enjoyed the most (along with Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol) and reassured me that there is hope for over the top action entertainment. Maybe I enjoyed Fast Five so much because I had little to no interest in seeing it beforehand but anyways it is still on hard rotation in my Blu-Ray drive.

Therefore I am naturally looking forward to the sixth installment: Fast and Furious 6.

There will be a Super-Bowl spot but until then Vin Diesel has released a poster for the film:

1. Juni 2012 / / Analysen
16. Dezember 2011 / / Batman

Even though we have had a lot of photos and exposure of The Dark Knight Rises most of it were set videos and nothing official from Warner Brothers. This has now changed as the marketing for TDKR has kicked in full gear.

5. November 2011 / / Batman
21. Oktober 2011 / / General