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Das kontroverseste an diesem Game of Thrones Podcast ist scheinbar das Ende von How I Met Your Mother…

12. Mai 2019 / / Game of Thrones

Nur noch weniger als 2 Wochen bis zum neuen Star Wars Film Star Wars (Episode VII) – The Force Awakens und Wolfgang ist schon im extremen Hype-Modus. Aus diesem Grund hat er sich mit unserem Tontechniker David zusammengesetzt, um über die Erwartungen an den Film zu diskutieren.

26. Januar 2014 / / Special Coverage

S04 Trailer 1

Game of Thrones returns on April 6th. And after the disastrous events of Season 3 that will surely affect this coming Season I am pumped to find out what lies ahead of us. HBO has aired a roughly 100 seconds long teaser filled with cool stuff. So this article will go into what the trailer promises us for the series to come.

Note on spoilers: as usual this article is written without knowledge from the books. It is about the expectations for Game of Thrones as a piece of television and not as an adaption so there won’t be a discussion if a certain scene or actor seems to capture or not capture stuff from the book.

It will be fun revisiting this article after the season has passed because one thing is sure about Game of Thrones: my predictions are almost always far far off from what really happens.