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4. Februar 2014 / / Special Coverage

Well this isn’t really big news – but after all the meager The Dark Tower news in recent months (the last news was that Ron Howard did not want to let the project die), I am happy to comment on this tidbit:

Aaron Paul is in talks for the role of Eddie Dean. Eddie is a heroin addict from the New York of 1987. He is trapped in a world of drugs, broken family ties and mafia troubles when on top of all his problems comes a crazy gunslinger from another dimension and they both have to figure out why the hell they should work together.

Crazy enough to work?

28. September 2011 / / General
22. Juli 2011 / / Special Coverage

Universal has finally given a clear “no” to The Dark Tower after pushing back the film date. Similar to At the mountains of Madness (intended to be directed by Guillermo Del Toro) the ambitious project was scrapped due to budget reasons – and who can fault them when you have exciting 200 million dollar adaptions of:

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