The first good Dark Tower news/rumors are surfacing


The thing I said to myself when The Dark Tower movie started to take shape was that I wouldn’t prematurely judge the movie or anything related to the talents and creative decisions that are made.

Yes, Akiva Goldsman has written Batman and Robin… but let’s give it a try.

Now moviefone reports that from five actors interested in starring as the legendary Roland Deschain:

Jon Hamm
Hugh Jackman
Daniel Craig
Viggo Mortensen

But it seems as if the producers want another actor for Roland:

Academy Award winning Actor Javier Bardem.

Now of course we all have to see what the outcome will be, but frankly I am surprised at the caliber of actor they are looking for. Of course the casting of Roland is pivotal to everything, but the fact that they would have a spinoff television series made me think they would hire actors in the range of Lost (Michael Emmerson, Terry O’Quinn) who are fantastic performers, but not that expensive compared to someone like Hugh Jackman.

Now with Bardem I really have to be biased – I just adore this actor, he is fantastic (and the only good thing about Vicky Christina Barcelona) especially in Before Night Falls (where he plays Reinaldo Arenas, a writer who has to leave Cuba) and (obvious choice) No Country for Old Men.

With Roland an actor who can portray a vast range of emotions is required. Roland is sometimes like a robot, going onwards towards the Dark Tower, never surrendering, never compromising. And on other occasions he has breakdowns and genuinely touching moments.

So if you have witnessed Bardem wreak havoc as Anton Chigurh I’d say he can do the stoic dedicated Roland in his sleep.

And please don’t start whining about his not-blue eyes… (more on that to come)

Wolfgang Verfasst von:

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