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7. März 2017 / / Reviews
9. Oktober 2015 / / Reviews


Der kostümaffine Joe Wright (Atonement, Pride and Prejudice) versucht sich in Pan an einer Originstory des bekannten fliegenden Kindes, das nie erwachsen werden wollte. Helfen soll ihm dabei eine starke Besetzung inklusive Hugh Jackman und Rooney Mara, doch nicht einmal das hilft wirklich.

4. März 2015 / / Reviews

Nachdem Neill Blomkamp mit District 9 einen genialen Science Fiction-Debütfilm geliefert hat, waren die Reaktionen zu seiner Kapitalismus-Parabel Elysium eher lauwarm. Nun kommt mit Chappie ein Projekt des Regisseurs ins Kino, von dem er schon lange geredet hat: eine Komödie über einen Roboter.

22. Mai 2014 / / Analysen


This week the big release is X-Men: Days of Future Past and as indicated in our german review the movie is absolutely worth seeing on the big screen.
But what if you have never seen an X-Men movie?

  • 3 original movies (X-Men, X2: X-Men United, X-Men: The Last Stand),
  • one prequel (X-Men: First Class)
  • and 2 spin offs (X-Men Origins: Wolverine, The Wolverine)

this movie universe is starting to become as complicated as the comics it is based on. It might even be on the verge of alienating the uninitiated or those who have given up on comic book movie.

So in this article we have compiled different approaches in order to be able to enjoy this newest X-Men installment. Because, let’s face it, X-Men: Days of Future Past is not a movie for rookies.

21. Mai 2014 / / Reviews

 xmen 1

Nach dem überraschend soliden X-Men: First Class wagt sich das mit frischen Leben angehauchte X-Men Franchise an das bislang größtes Projekt. Days Of Future Past vereint dank Zeitreise-Plot die Wolverine-Truppe aus den alten (frühe 2000er) Filmen mit den jungen Wilden des Quasi-Reboots. Dem Konzept nach zu urteilen konnte man nur ein ultimatives Fiasko oder aber einen Volltreffer erwarten.

23. Februar 2013 / / Oscars

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Les Misérables follows the life of Jean Valjean (Hugh Jackman) who is released from a 19-year sentence and has to try to find a new life after losing two decades in hard slave-work. But Valjean can never rest easy for Javert (Russell Crowe) is always on his heels reminding him that once a criminal always a criminal. In the eyes of Javert a man like Valjean deserves no second chance and will always be a thief. The conflict of redemption hope and how tiny good deeds can redeem a man and change people is played against the background of the June Rebellion (1832) a student-led revolution against the monarchy.

13. November 2011 / / General

Real Steel is about a world where boxing is no longer a sport for humans. Instead we now have two robots hitting each other in the ring. Amidst all this CGI we find Hugh Jackman – a disillusioned ex-boxer who now remote controls robots for fairs. He also likes to gamble and tends to make a load of debts with all the wrong people.

Enter his son who he now has to spend two months even though he doesn’t want to. When the son finds a robot on a junkyard he is convinced that this robot can be programmed to win a lot of money.

4. Januar 2011 / / The Dark Tower