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2. Oktober 2013 / / Oscars

 Gravity 2

When a storm of debries from a shot down satellite surprises a shuttle from the ISS (International Space Station) the surviving astronauts Dr. Ryan Stone (Sandra Bullock) and Matt Kowalsky (George Clooney) must fight to stay alive and make it back to safety in one piece.

Cuarón returns
It has been seven years since Alfonso Cuarón’s Children of Men – a brilliant and layered science fiction film weaving social and polticial commentary together with fantastic characters and staggering images.

Seven years is an awfully long time for a director to follow this movie whose critical praise has only increased since then. The obvious question is was it worth the wait?

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29. Dezember 2012 / / General

Get ready for sci fi!

2009 was a great year for science fiction when a movie got both embraced by the sci-fi crowd and managed to get oscar nominations for best screenplay and best picture. We are of course not talking about District 9. Neill Blomkamp who was previously attached to adapting Halo for the big screen gave us an outstanding work of sci-fi firing on all cylinders to give sci-fi ideas, social commentary, emotion and fantastic action in a movie with a 30 million dollars budget (a fraction of Avatar‘s speculated 250 million)

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15. August 2012 / / Reviews

Ridley Scott has returned to the Alien franchise after a long string of not so exciting projects. With Prometheus interviews and trailers there is the promise of a return to science fiction in the vein of Blade Runner and the original Alien.

But is Prometheus a return to form?

27. April 2011 / / Reviews

Source Code is a sci-fi movie
And by sci-fi, I mean real sci-fi not a fantasy story with some spaceships in it (Star Wars), not a fantasy story with some machine guns (Avatar), not a fast paced space western (Star Trek XI)…

Source Code is a sci-fi film meaning that it uses technology as a means of conflict and eventually reflects on our own fears of mortality by using overexagerated technological concepts (and a lot of creativity).

Because I was late to the movie and missed the first 8 minutes and because it was in french I was at first not really sure what was going on, having only read that it is about trying to prevent an explosion in a train – but I guess like most movies of this genre confusion at the beginning is intended since those movies are meant to be watched a second time to see all the hints that were already placed at the beginning.

18. Januar 2011 / / General