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31. Oktober 2013 / / Reviews

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It’s October 31st!

And times are a bit stressful so I was unable to finish the Chucky series in time. And since I didn’t want to rant about Seed of Chucky on Halloween. Like Christmas Halloween is a time to be joyful – terrified to death as well… but joyful) because it is a magic night. So I will take this time to squeeze in two quick reviews of movies I have seen this year but didn’t review yet: 

27. April 2011 / / Reviews

Source Code is a sci-fi movie
And by sci-fi, I mean real sci-fi not a fantasy story with some spaceships in it (Star Wars), not a fantasy story with some machine guns (Avatar), not a fast paced space western (Star Trek XI)…

Source Code is a sci-fi film meaning that it uses technology as a means of conflict and eventually reflects on our own fears of mortality by using overexagerated technological concepts (and a lot of creativity).

Because I was late to the movie and missed the first 8 minutes and because it was in french I was at first not really sure what was going on, having only read that it is about trying to prevent an explosion in a train – but I guess like most movies of this genre confusion at the beginning is intended since those movies are meant to be watched a second time to see all the hints that were already placed at the beginning.