Isn’t it great when an advertisement focuses on the story?

We all know that the Saw series has run out of steam… but seriously?

I mean, yeah movie posters don’t always have to tell us everything or be works of poetry, but what’s that?
Let alone that they are scared to put the roman 7 into the title, so they made it SAW THREEE DEEE, but eye-popping THREE DEE? Who’s gonna buy this?
I have some fond memories of the Saw series, no matter how terrible later installments have become, but this is just whoring out, let’s wait and see if the blood is splashing into our faces, because that is how to tell a story, right?

EDIT: Just when one is raging over pointless posters features a great video with 35 movie titles in 2 minutes… can you catch them all?

35mm from Pascal Monaco on Vimeo.

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