2 dimensional dream prevails against 3 dimensional dancing

Inception is no longer number one at the boxoffice, Will Ferrell and Mark Wahlberg took the top spot with an estimated 35.6 million dollars opening weekend.
Inception still held up well, droping only 32.3% defending it’s number 2 position against Step-Up 3d with 18.6 million dollars against Step Up’s 15.5 million dollars (so much for the THREE DEE bonus)

At the moment Inception stands with a domestic total of $ 227,732,000
Adding up to a worldwide total of Worldwide: $477,732,000
Which means Inception has surpassed the first Matrix Worldwide though it still has a long way to go to challenge Matrix Reloaded’s 281 million dollars, let alone breaking 300 mill which would be awesome, but very unlikely

In Germany the movie has held the number one spot with 5.1 million dollars

Sadly in Austria Grown Ups beat Inception… well quality doesn’t prevail everywhere

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