The Other Guys

We start in New York, the City of Crime, when Samuel L. Jackson and the Rock are chasing after obvious stereotypical criminals, wreaking havoc on New York’s streets.

A few exploding cars and one impaled bus later they finally bringt them down and the audience is not sure if the movie can keep up this insane pace. Following the deliciously ridiculous and over the top chase sequence is a press conference written clearly with Samuel Jackson in mind without paying too much attention to actual police work.

While we wish this thing could go on like this forever (Two action stars constantly shooting and beating with no reason and having a blast) the story shifts since we know that neither Samuel L. Jackson nor the Rock have been on the poster… but instead Will Ferrell and Mark Wahlberg.

They are the title giving Other Guys, the police men who have to do all the bureaucratic stuff while the action heroes get the girls. While starting with Jackson and shifting the focus to Ferrell and Wahlberg is a nice change in dynamics, the movie suffers from the fact that it can’t keep up with the fantastic opening.

That being said it should be noted that The Other Guys is finally a new Will Ferrell movie that is not dumb trash (Land of the Lost…) but instead a pretty enjoyable movie.

It’s main fault is that it feels like 3.5 hours when its running time is roughly around 2 hours. That stirs from the fact that the plot is not engaging at all and the time it takes between the gags are filled with the usual “oh it’s a conspiracy, nobody believes us” and “I don’t like my partner – now I like my partner” storylines – a little trimming might have done wonders, but instead there are many times when the movie just stops dead and we have to wait until the nothing goes away.

But overall there is a good deal of chuckles in this movie and it is not as offensive as other wannabe fun movies. So this movie should do fine when you are at home and The Other Guys is running on Television, but I doubt that it warrants the 8 euro to watch it in cinemas.

Rating and Moviequation (coming):

Category: 1
Rating: 62%

P.S.: If you know Will Ferrell only as the stupid annoying actor he is sold nowadays, try “Stranger than Fiction”, a funny and charming piece staring Ferrell as the main Protagonist who finds out that he lives in a book written by Emma Thompson

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