December 8th – Christmas will be ours

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Serving as a perfect bridging film to get from Halloween- into Christmas-mood Tim Burton’s The Nightmare before Christmas combines both Holidays and tells the story of Jack Skellington who asks the question why the world of Halloween can’t have its own Christmas celebration.

In a scene where Jack is in the laboratory trying to distill the “essence of Christmas” he realizes that one can celebrate Christmas without understanding.

But it doesn’t end here…
Jack goes on convincing himself that he might even improve Christmas and after all… why should Christmas be in the hands of Santa and not him?


In this short musical number we are shown why this movie has been so unique and also are left to wonder who had the balls to greenlight this project. In the scene Jack basically condemns himself – he wants to make a difference, his intentions are good… but sadly as a creature of Halloween he will always wreak havoc and dismay.

In this scene two worlds collide and the question is how much your own prejudice will determine your future way. And also if one can learn to realize that it is enough and take a step back.

Wolfgang Verfasst von:

Der Host des Flipthetruck Podcasts. Mit einem Fokus auf Science Fiction und Roboter sucht er ständig jene Mainstream Filme, die sich nicht als reine Unterhaltungsfilme zufrieden geben.

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