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In a reactionary move after the success of The Avengers Warner Brothers announced that 2015 would see the teamup of DC’s heroes in a Justice League movie. The script was written by Will Beall (Gangster Squad) and the more rumors and inside information surfaced the more it seemed like a reactionary move to Marvel’s success instead of a genuine motivation for storytelling (that is me being an idealist who has no idea how the business works) – meaning that Warner Brothers was apparantly planning to use Darkseid as the villain who just happens to be a similarly overpowered super-deus-ex-machina as Thanos (the very villain that Marvel teased in The Avengers).

Now various sources report some development at Warner Brothers over the Justice League script. Namely that after the critical panning of Gangster Squad the reports indicate that Warner Brothers is not happy with the Justice League script. And not happy does not mean a simple rewrite here – it seems to mean that the entire story will be scrapped and a new story will be written. The speculations indicate that Warner Brothers is simply waiting for the reception of Man of Steel before launching the Justice League project and this lets me hope that either: the project will be cancelled completely or it will be given more time to find a good story and not just rush out with it.

While Star Wars in 2015 seems very early at least they have already gotten a story, screenwriters, coverage and a director whereas Justice League has neither cast nor director so this is an awfully close call for such a big project.

For the time being this means I can enjoy Man of Steel as a movie on itself without being fed advertisement for a teamup movie in the future (hopefully…).

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