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4. August 2016 / / Reviews

Nur eine kleine Kontroverse unter Filmfans oder doch eine globale Aufdeckung von tiefsitzendem Frauenhass? Um das neue Ghostbusters Remake gibt es viel Aufsehen, doch zum Glück leidet der Film darunter nicht im geringsten.

24. Dezember 2011 / / Movie Advent Calendar

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Ricky Gervais is a man of many talents. A great comedian, a big thinker, a charismatic actor and also a fantastic mind behind TV-programs (The Office). In the 12-part TV-series Extras he once again defied expectations when he started with a simple premise: it is about a man who is an extra on movie sets and each episode features a different movie star – but by the end of the series Extras would have turned 180°.