Schlagwort: Nightmare on Elm Street

Da sich dieses Jahr aufgrund der zeitintensiven Viennale kein Halloween Podcast wie letztes Jahr ausgegangen ist, hat sich Wolfgang kurz hingesetzt, um einen Wes Craven Podast aufzunehmen, in dem er sich mit den Filmreihen Scream und A Nightmare on Elm Street auseinandersetzt und für beide Filmreihen ein Triple-Feature auswählt, welches man an einem Halloween Film-Marathon schauen kann.

31. Oktober 2011 / / General

Halloween is one of my favorite times of the year – horror is a versatile genre and it gives artists a lot of freedom. Sometimes people look down on the genre as just something idiotic with no real content, but that is far from the truth. The only genre that has as much trouble getting taken seriously would probably be comedy.

12. April 2011 / / Reviews

Scream 4 is… not as bad as Scream 3
It is for sure unexpected, I just don’t know yet if that is a good thing or a bad thing.

This will be just an impression of a guy who started watching Scream with 10, was not allowed to go into the theater to see Scream 3 because he was only 11, waited for the VHS release of Scream 3 and watched it over and over again.

This article will be spoiler FREE, there won’t be any plot revelations or anything. The only thing that I might say is how I felt about stuff like the killer, the motif, the opening, but there won’t be a revelation of what it really is.
For an overview of the previous Scream movies click here.

The story continues!

11. April 2011 / / Analysen

This is an overview of the first three installments of the highly successful Scream trilogy, which will get a fourth chapter this week. The guide is spoiler-free, no revelations of the idedntity of the killers are made, it is just here to give a general feeling of what this series is about and why I think it should be watched.