Could The Dark Knight’s home become the Dark Tower’s home?

It has been a long time since there was some active development on The Dark Tower the massive adaption of Stephen King’s story into 3 movies and 2 Television Seasons. After Universal dropped out of the project (despite not dropping out of Battleship) the series seemed doomed, but now there is hope along the beam:

As we know HBO has confirmed to produce the TV-Series that would expand the movie-storyline – and with the quality of Game of Thrones one can only hope that HBO remains on board. Yet there still is the need for a studio to finance the movie. As it is now reported Warner Brothers is in negotiations to bring the project together. Which is a great relief. I already hoped that the success of the Batman series and Inception would lead to more ambitious projects and this might be the case with The Dark Tower.

Also we know that Ben Affleck was hired to adapt Stephen King’s The Stand for the big screen (despite David Yates eyeing the project) – could Warner Brothers plan a tie-in?

As some might know The Dark Tower connects all of Stephen King’s works and some works have become integral companionpieces to The Dark Tower. Especially It and The Stand are very close to The Dark Tower. The villain from The Stand Randall Flagg is not only a fantastic evil-doer he also turns out to be one of the biggest players in the Game for the Dark Tower…

While I am not a big fan of Marvel’s The Avengers maybe the movie will allow to tie The Dark Tower together with Affleck’s The Stand as a sort of prequel…but that is probably just fanboy wishing…

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