Stephen King addresses the Dark Tower Situation in an Interview

There hasn’t been much news about The Dark Tower movie project in recent times. The Marvel Comic series has been picked up again and is now adapting the second book of Stephen King’s magnum Opus The Drawing of the Three but on the movie front there’s not that much happening. In an interview with MTV King adresses the situation the movie is currently in:

Source: MTV

The quick summary is (as we sadly have come to expect) that there isn’t much going on right now. Stephen King also speaks about the previous casting stories circling around Javier Bardem as the principal character Roland Deschain, the last gunslinger in a post apocalyptic world. Sadly Bardem has since then left the project (and I keep hoping that Russel Crowe’s name will stop being associated with this project as well) but Stephen King had only the highest praise for the acclaimed actor:

He was perfect! We were this close to greenlight and it just […] you know how it is with Hollywood, things puff up like mushrooms after rainfall and then all at once they’re gone.

The interview also picked up the idea of the project combining elements of cinema and TV. It would mean that the main story of the gunslinger Roland trying to reach the mysterious Dark Tower would be told in cinemas while Roland’s backstory would be explored in TV-form. HBO was said to produce the show, but this is already 3 years ago, so there is no guarantee for anything.

But the Marvel/DC/Star Wars way of doing crossover event-movies might be the thing which makes The Dark Tower seem less risky.

The Dark Tower-fan in me can only hope.
And any updates will be posted here of course!

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