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17. Mai 2018 / / Filmtipps

Täglich grüßen Netflix & Co mit neuen Goodies, also Filmen und Serien, die wir unbedingt anschauen oder rewatchen müssen. Hier unsere aktuellen Empfehlungen im Streaming-Bereich.

22. Juli 2011 / / General

Blimey, one week in England and suddenly everything exciting happens. I am a little late on with basically everything, so here just a collection of highlights that I missed:

3. Mai 2011 / / General
6. April 2011 / / General

As a nice appetizer (since Warner Brothers knows that most people will buy the DVD/Blu Ray anyway) there has been a bunch of deleted scenes from Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1 that got released.

Most of them really deserve the name deleted scenes except for the short moment between Petunia. While I love this tiny moment I guess it has been deleted in favor of the brilliant non-verbal opening (aside from the Tales of the Three Brothers my favorite part of the film).

UPDATE: Wow they sure safed us from lot of “nothing happens scenes”

Enjoy the scenes after the jump…

6. Januar 2011 / / General