Schlagwort: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

22. Juli 2011 / / General

Blimey, one week in England and suddenly everything exciting happens. I am a little late on with basically everything, so here just a collection of highlights that I missed:

12. Juli 2011 / / Batman

Wow I didn’t think it would be out already, but Warner Brothers is already gearing up delivering the Teaser Poster for The Dark Knight Rises.

Update:  rumours about the Teaser being attached to Harry Potter seem to be true and according to collider we will see the HD version very soon (apparently the Teaser has already leaked in bad quality online but I think I’ll wait for glorious HD presentation and not spoil the fun).

28. April 2011 / / General

[youtube=] Damn they are really shooting out of all their cannons!

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