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25. November 2016 / / Reviews

 Mit Arrival liefert Regisseur Denis Villeneuve einen mutigen Science Fiction Film über eine Alien-Landung… und Sprache.

24. Juli 2015 / / Reviews

Nach dem unerwarteten Erfolg, sowohl kritischer als auch finanzieller Natur von Mission: Impossible Ghost Protocol will Tom Cruise noch einen draufsetzen und das Ergebnis kann sich sehen lassen! Wenn zu Beginn noch Actionszene auf Actionszene folgt, kommt es im Laufe von Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation zu einer dichten Handlung, die glücklicherweise nie in unnötiges Twist-Territorium abgleitet, und am Ende einen sichtlich erschöpften Kinobesucher zurücklasst.

24. Juli 2015 / / Reviews

Tom Cruise attemps once again ups the ante after the fourth Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol turned out to be both a critical and financial surprise hit in 2011. While the action takes up a large chunk of the movie the plot starts to thicken as the story progresses. After the 2 hours and 10 minutes the movie audience is left visibly exhausted by the experience of this fifth entry in the action franchise which ranks among the best of the franchise.

21. September 2012 / / Reviews

Five years after Matt Damon had his third adventure as Jason Bourne the franchise has returned. But with Matt Damon not being willing to do a fourth part Jeremy Renner was hired to keep his seat warm.

28. April 2012 / / Reviews
30. April 2011 / / General
29. April 2011 / / Reviews

How do you sell a movie about Gods?

That was the tricky question Marvel had to answer when kicking off the summer season with Thor – a movie where the trailers have not managed to get me excited to watch this movie and seeing that posters looked a bit too campy as well my expectations for Thor were pretty low.

Maybe because of that I must say that Thor is a thoroughly entertaining summer blockbuster. It starts of with the typical “random thing happening” at the beginning before we jump into a long flashback to see where this man who has appeared out of nowhere infront of Natalie Portman has come from.

28. September 2010 / / Reviews
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