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12. März 2015 / / Reviews

Nachdem Matthew Vaughn schon mit X-Men: Erste Entscheidungen und Kick-Ass gezeigt hat, dass er die Bildsprache von Comics erfolgreich auf die Leinwand bringen kann, kommt nun mit Kingsman: The Secret Service eine hyper-brutale Ode an die James Bond Ära unter Roger Moore.

Das gesamte Team (Michael, PatrickWolfgang) diskutiert diesmal über Amerikas neuen Lieblingsfilm American Sniper, den großen Kritiker- und Publikumsflop Chappie und die neue Real-Live Verfilmung von Cinderella. Zu den vielen anderen diskutierten Filmen zählen die österreichischen Perlen Das ewige Leben und Über die Jahre sowie noch einige mehr.

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23. September 2011 / / General

This article will be a dissection of a big problem our 21st-century society is facing: unreliable gears for superheroes. Especially the insufficient quality of zippers is something that is swept under the carpet way too often…

10. Juni 2011 / / Reviews

It is always good when a movie surprises you – even when some of the flaws that you feared would be in there are still there.

X-Men: First Class brings the X-Men back to its roots after the last two installments (especially Wolverine) managed to underwhelm but this time without the clawed mutant as its lead.

Helmed by director Matthew Vaughn (Kick-Ass) First Class tells the story of how Magneto and Professor X first met and links the mutant history to the Cuban missile crisis. Contrary to many prequels this movie actually succeeds in making the backstory interesting.

2. Juni 2011 / / Analysen

For the Earth 2 version click here.

Note: Since I haven’t yet figured out an efficient way to edit pictures on Linux I must excuse myself for the uninterrupted wall of text.

Earth 1
Comic book movies have long become a respected and reliable source for both creativity and entertainment, but it was not always like this.

They had to come a long and hard way to get past people’s prejudice since they were initially written of as brainless entertainment by a large group.

So when was this barrier breached?

Let’s look at the history of comic book movies and their pivotal years

25. Mai 2011 / / Analysen

Earth 2
A long time ago comic book movies ruled the cinema, people flocked to every property imaginable and it seemed as if those adaptions had become a reliable source for money, but then they vanished from earth, retreated to the niche they came from.

So what went wrong?

Let’s look at the history of comic book movies and
their eventual downfall.

If you want to check out the Earth 1 version click here.

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