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20. Juli 2016 / / Reviews

Die neue Crew der Enterprise macht sich zum dritten Mal auf den Weg um die Welt und die ganze Föderation zu retten. Ob das gelingt und Regisseur Justin Lin dem Universum mit Star Trek Beyond neues Leben einhauchen kann?

14. Dezember 2013 / / General
13. Juli 2013 / / Reviews

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With 2 sequels to Toy Story and one unwanted sequel to Cars Pixar was no longer delivering one original movie after the other. Last year they returned to original territory with Brave with mixed results.

While I really enjoyed Brave as a kids’ movie it had notable flaws that previous Pixar tales had not. So when a prequel to Monsters Inc. was announced my expectations were modest at best.

Would Monsters University be the final confirmation that Pixar had lost its mojo?