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9. November 2014 / / Reviews

Christopher Nolan (Inception, The Dark Knight) bringt uns einen neuen Science Fiction Blockbuster, in dem Cooper (Matthew McConnaughey) und ein Team von Astronauten sich durch ein Wurmloch in eine neue Galaxie begeben, um ein neues Zuhause für die menschliche Spezies zu finden.

11. Dezember 2013 / / Godzilla
15. August 2012 / / Reviews

Ridley Scott has returned to the Alien franchise after a long string of not so exciting projects. With Prometheus interviews and trailers there is the promise of a return to science fiction in the vein of Blade Runner and the original Alien.

But is Prometheus a return to form?

This review is part of a series of reviews Journey to the Planet of the Apes to prepare for the newest installment.
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A decade ago and almost 30 years after the hilarious Battle for the Planet of the Apes Tim Burton decided to start a project he perfected with Alice in Wonderland: to take a great original movie, remove everything remotely interesting and give us a horrendous adaptation in name only.

17. Juni 2011 / / General

Terence Malick’s Tree of Life is about an American family and in between there are some shots of National Geographic.

The film has been on the radar of many Oscar-bloggers but surprisingly this is not really a typical Oscar-bait film. It is much more in the spirit of Cannes (where it won the Palme d’Or) meaning “if it doesn’t hurt it is not art”.

Thankfully I watched the movie two days before they gave the highest honour of Cannes to it so I did not know whether this movie was highly regarded or not and I guess I would have been a bit more disappointed having heard the insane praise this movie received before entering.