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Spectre kann nicht in die großen Fußstapfen seines Vorgängers treten, der Spagat zwischen modernem Thriller und traditionellem Bond-Film gelingt nur bedingt.

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Der 24. James Bond Film Spectre kommt heute in die österreichischen Kinos und für diesen besonderen Anlass haben wir ein kleines Gewinnspiel für euch!

Wir verlosen:

Nach dem überwältigendem Erfolg von Skyfall kehrt Regisseur Sam Mendes zurück, um die Geschichte fortzusetzen. Im neuesten Film Spectre muss James Bond (Daniel Craig) sich dem zwielichtigen Franz Oberhauser (Christoph Waltz) und dessen titelgebender Schattenorganisation Spectre stellen.

27. Februar 2013 / / Special Coverage

Banner Phase Two

There is a lot of responsibility resting on the shoulders of Iron Man 3. Not only does the movie have to make up for Iron Man 2 it also has to launch Marvel’s second phase in a post-Avengers world. So the movie not only has its own problems but needs to justify the solo movie in a world in which the audience knows that there is a hero around every corner.

So far Marvel Iron Man 3 looks to go into Iron Man Rises territory with Stark being defeated by an enemy who has ties to the first Iron Man movie (the ten rings have been hinted from the very beginning). Iron Man 3 will have a lot of different Iron Man suits (and a cynic might say that it is to sell more toys… which is probably one of the reasons) and aside from Tony’s golden armor which is featured in the trailers a new concept art has been released (via Comicbookmovie):

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Note: this is a special review since a colleague of mine had the pleasure of visiting England a couple of days ago, where he managed to watch a screening of the already highly acclaimed (and highly anticipated by this site) Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy.

In this movie adaption of the book Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy (by John le Carré) Gary Oldman (The Dark Knight) plays Smiley, a former spy who returns from retirement to find a mole in the MI6.