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30. Mai 2014 / / Reviews

Edge 1

Edge of Tomorrow features a poster of a haunted Tom Cruise in a generic looking sci-fi mechasuit infront of more generic sci-fi stuff. So I wasn’t really that interested in the movie but after getting pleasantly surprised by last year’s Oblivion on Blu Ray Edge of Tomorrow might also fall in this category of perfectly acceptable sci-fi mumbo jumbo. Instead director Doug Liman (Jumper, The Bourne Identity) delivers a perfectly paced and top entertaining sci-fi version of Groundhog Day.

29. Mai 2014 / / Reviews

edge banner

Tom Cruise versucht es nach dem überraschend guten und unterhaltsamen Oblivion diesen Sommer erneut im Sci-Fi Territorium mit Edge of Tomorrow. Es basiert auf einem Buch All You Need is Kill (von Hiroshi Sakurazaka) , das auch schon als Manga adaptiert wurde. Edge of Tomorrow ist nun die amerikanisierte Version, inszeniert von Doug Liman (Mr. & Mrs. Smith, Jumper).

5. Februar 2013 / / General
27. April 2011 / / Reviews

Source Code is a sci-fi movie
And by sci-fi, I mean real sci-fi not a fantasy story with some spaceships in it (Star Wars), not a fantasy story with some machine guns (Avatar), not a fast paced space western (Star Trek XI)…

Source Code is a sci-fi film meaning that it uses technology as a means of conflict and eventually reflects on our own fears of mortality by using overexagerated technological concepts (and a lot of creativity).

Because I was late to the movie and missed the first 8 minutes and because it was in french I was at first not really sure what was going on, having only read that it is about trying to prevent an explosion in a train – but I guess like most movies of this genre confusion at the beginning is intended since those movies are meant to be watched a second time to see all the hints that were already placed at the beginning.