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18. Januar 2022 / / Filmtipps
10. Januar 2022 / / Filmtipps

Diese Woche startet eine große Retrospektive im Österreichischen Filmmuseum über Musik Maestro Ennio Morricone. Wir haben unsere Highlights ins Auge gefasst und ihr könnt mit Flip the Truck ins Kino.

27. Januar 2016 / / Reviews

Mit The Hateful Eight bleibt Regisseur Quentin Tarantino weiter dem Western-Genre treu und erzählt ein Kammerspiel im verschneiten Wilden Westen. Und nach dem etwas faulen Django Unchained geht The Hateful Eight wieder in die richtige Richtung.

13. Januar 2016 / / Oscars

Alle Jahre wieder kommen die Oscars! Und die alljährliche Verleihung ist für uns ein Haupt-Event der Film-Saison über das wir ausführlich im Vorhinein berichten und dann live im Gartenbaukino verfolgen! Diesen Donnerstag werden die Nominerungen bekannt gegeben und dann geht das Rennen los!

Wer wird gewinnen, wer wird verlieren? Gewinnt DiCaprio endlich? (Spoiler: Ja) Das gesamte Team hat sich Gedanken gemacht und die jeweiligen Ängste und Hoffnungen bezüglich der Nominierungen festgehalten:

2. November 2013 / / General

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For the full coverage click here

They have… yada yada yada yada…
But surprisingly…
… he’s back.

 Chucky 5 Banner

Seed of Chucky continues what was teased at the end of Bride of Chucky: an almost dead Tiffany doll gave birth to Chucky’s son. The fifth installment in the Child’s Play series amps up the comedy and completely abandons its horror roots while it similarly to Scream 3 turns into a Hollywood satire – and thus the series is as far away from its original movie as possible.

25. Januar 2013 / / Reviews

django banner

Reviewing a Tarantino movie is always tricky as there are very few directors where it really depends on what you want and expect when going into his movies – depending on this either you love the things or you will roll your eyes at them.

In 2009 I heard average buzz at Cannes from Inglourious Basterds and not being a real fan of Tarantino’s works post Pulp Fiction I went in wanting to see the pretentious director fail miserably… I went out of the cinema begrudgingly admitting that Inglourious Basterds was a pretty solid film. And the more time passed the more I fell in love with it until it eventually ended on my year’s best list and still is.

With Django Unchained I went in wanting to really like it because Basterds had just swept me around and reduced all the problems I had with Death Proof and Kill Bill.

When the final credits rolled I was left thinking “maybe I expected too much”…

31. August 2011 / / Reviews

With a new Woody Allen movie it is similar to a new Quentin Tarantino movie: we know what to expect, he won`t reach the heights of his days past so if you are disappointed it is probably your own fault in expecting too much – as was the case for me with 2008`s Vicky, Christina, Barcelona which was one of the few films where we were actually considering leaving the cinema (not even Limits of Control got me this unnerved).
Thankfully Allen`s new outing is fairly enjoyable and a nice treat.